๐Ÿ”’ Privacy

๐Ÿ”’ Privacy

We take privacy very seriously and we understand the tradeoffs between having many informations to solve any bug and the privacy of your clients.

Why does digital privacy matter?

Many might assume that in the digital realm, privacy isn't vital if they've nothing to conceal. Such a sentiment is common among individuals who obey the law and feel that digital privacy shouldn't concern them. However, this perspective is both naive and risky.

Firstly, the knowledge of being observed modifies our actions. When aware of scrutiny, we lean towards portraying our best versions, compromising our freedom to investigate and associate ideas. This could lead to being misinterpreted or even denounced by some. And it's not just about wrongdoing or unlawful actions; it could target those with diverse sexual orientations, religious minorities, or even those challenging questionable governmental practices.

Secondly, the essence of digital privacy lies in the fact that every collected piece of information becomes a potential risk for future exposure or leaks. The accumulation of our personal data online is perpetually at risk. It's not about whether it might get exposed but rather about when it will be. Just a quick look at Wikipedia reveals an astonishingly extensive record of data breaches happening more frequently than one might think.

Deleting data on Session Recordings

The Fullog overshadows automatically all the inputs that the user types, however we know that there may be scenarios which there are sensible information in some part of the video and therefore we have created an option to add in your HTML, thus avoiding them to be saved by Fullog and exhibiting it in recordings.

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